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With inspiration drawn from the rugged yet subtle beauty of the scandinavian north, Lavka set out as a design project with a sole philosophy; creating products we believe in, to be used in real life. Fall 2013 marks the birth of our story and we look forward to see where we end up.


Lavka bag collection 13/14

Clutch Unne

This clutch is small enough to bring to any party and still fit your phone, makeup, wallet and ballerinas for when your feet get sore. Since the strap is removable you can also use it as a clutch for added extravaganza. Much like its bigger sibling Stoere, this bag can zip open along the sides to create more space, perfect for days when you want to bring your iPad and your other favourite gadgets. The material is that same smooth black leather as featured on the Tote Stoere. On the back of the bag you will find a pocket with a zipper and inside there is a pocket that will fit your phone and wallet.


Tote Stoere

Perfect for each aspect of your everyday life. Shopping, working, drifting or lugging all your essentials for that weekend getaway. The zip along the sides makes this bag expand and become convenient for those days when you left home with only a laptop and return with three magazines and that something-something you've been wanting to pick up forever. The Stoere has the same black and smooth leather as the Clutch Unne and on the back of the bag you will find a pocket for quick and easy access. Inside the bag there is another zip protected pocket, perfect for valuables like your new phone and wallet.